The Uniqueness Of One U.S. Dollar In Japan, Dare To Try?

Choosing lodging while on holiday is easy-to-find difficult. In addition to prioritizing comfort, budget is also a consideration. Many travelers are willing to stay in simple accommodation like hostels and capsule hotels for an economical trip.

But what if you were given an offer to stay at the hotel for only $1 per night? A hotel in Fukuoka, Japan offers a price of 1 US dollar per night on the condition of the guest must be willing to make all activities in the room recorded and broadcast on the YouTube channel. How is the full story? Let’s see.

1. Hotel Marketing Program Asahi Ryokan

An inn in Fukuoka, Japan surprised the tourists by launching the programĀ  “One Dollar Hotel “. Guests at Asahi Ryokan simply pay 1 US dollar per night on the condition that all activities in the hotel room are recorded and broadcast live streaming. This fee includes lodging, taxes and tips. While the hotel’s normal rate per night is 27 US dollars.

2. Inspired by a visitor

Tetsuya Inoue, the manager explains the marketing program inspired by a hotel guest. He recorded all his recreational activities including while staying and sharing them on the internet voluntarily for everyone to watch. Testsuya also says that today’s young people are not very thinking about privacy by sharing everything on social media. He later got an idea to publish his application extensively through the YouTube broadcast.

3. Broadcast directly on YouTube channels

The Uniqueness Of One U.S

The Uniqueness Of One U.S

Special cameras will be installed in guest rooms that have approved the program. When guests eat, sleep, and get ready for activity, the camera is ready to record and broadcast to the hotel’s YouTube channel. Every corner of the hotel room except the bathroom can be reached by the camera. For guest safety, passports and credit cards are also maintained from the publication. In addition in the room attached a warning so that guests do not do anything to be asusila.

4. So far 13 guests have participated

So far there are 13 guests who agree with the provisions of One Dollar Hotel. Since launching last October, the YouTube One Dollar Hotel Chanel has successfully 15000 subscribers.

5. Many tourist destinations in Fukoka you should visit

The Uniqueness Of One U.S

The Uniqueness Of One U.S

Besides trying the sensation of staying at One Dollar Hotel, of course Fukuoka is a must-visit destination while in Japan. Fukuoka is a beautiful seaside city famous for its great food. You can visit the Yatai that mushred in Fukuoka to taste yakitori and ramen.

You can also tour the popular Ohori Park in Fukuoka. In the park you can see the art building, Noh theater, Boat house, and a variety of beautiful Japanese plants. In addition, do not forget to visit Dazaifu Tenman-gu shrine which is a favorite destination for tourists to just take pictures or pray.

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